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Living Earth Flourishing Life Institute 

Cultivate Wisdom + Inspire + Collobration

Our Purpose


We envision a healed and revitalizing world conducive to meaningful connections and synergistic cooperation as societies accord highest priority to the dignity of life

Our mission is to foster a global learning community to inspire systemic transition to flourishing life on the living Earth

We aspire to become grassroots think tank bringing forth technology-enriched, nature-integrated community-driven solutions

Image by Stephen Leonardi

Our Path

Shared Journey

Forging a path through inclusive dialogues and high-quality research that nurture higher states of consciousness and pioneer citizen-led solutions for flourishing life on the living Earth

Priority Area


  • Independent Research

  • Advance system redesign by crowdsourcing ideas and solutions

  • Provide an educational platform to cultivate systems thinking and higher consciousness​

Research & Sharing

Piecing Together

Building global knowledge commons to co-create and co-evolve solutions that address interconnectedness and complexity