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LEFLI is a purpose-led, evolving group of citizens sharing transformative ideas and piloting initiatives of restoration and revitalization from individual to others, local to global.

LEFLI invites contributors to bring experiential knowledge, new angles and heartfelt intuition to help mainstream compassion-inspired practices and unleash distributive power of the people to benefit all life.


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We seek contribution and inspiration from researchers and creative thinkers in all fields to advance knowledge in the think tank sourced from collective wisdom while contributing to its elevated consciousness. Currently there are six thematic areas and please feel free to suggest new one. Working ideas which seem audacious and even unrealistic are also welcome at LEFLI in order to live up to Einstein’s famous insight “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.​

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If you feel inspired to contribute, please reach out! Any of your offerings – time, ideas, creativity to enrich the site experience, design surveys, create authentic connection and enhance the knowledge commons would be greatly valued.


We are also aiming to launch Art Program to share/co-create art of aesthetic, social and ecological importance. Please stay tuned!


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