Our Path Made by Walking Together

In the increasingly interconnected world with dark clouds of interlocking crisis, the hope-filled future is emerging in the horizon, ready to be born with our consistent and continual efforts to transform whatever obscures each other’s full expression of life - creative energy and intelligent compassion at the core.    


LEFLI is committed to forging a path through inclusive dialogues, open inquiries and high-quality research that nurture higher states of consciousness and pioneer citizen-led solutions for flourishing life on living Earth.


Living Earth

The concept of living Earth is inspired by Gaia Theory, Noosphere and wisdom traditions, most importantly, guided by our heartfelt intuition that the Earth is alive – not only flora and fauna but also the forests, wind, water and soil, etc. are all alive and possess qualities of purpose as integrated part of Gaia. Beyond scientific materialism and in emergent integrated science, it can be said that the Earth is a complex adaptive living system. Beliefs such as “Earth is alive” or “All beings are sacred”, often resonating with indigenous thinking, invites a different way of being and relating to the nature and each other that infuses all human-made systems – economic, political and social – with innovative capacity and high purpose to fulfill their unique missions in the regenerative planetary era. This is alien to ideology of separation that lies at the root of dominant culture and reflects in the very structural flaws of modern systems and institutions that dissolves communities and destructs the environment. For the system change to be meaningful and lasting, an elevated consciousness from a healed soul is imperative to initiate and sustain localized changes, scaling up organically through a ripple effect. The future is now. We are endowed with the gift to participate in the evolution towards more life and build symbiotic partnerships with nature. When we awaken to the fact that everything - all life and ecosystems– supports every other thing in a beautiful symphony of life in relation with ours, there engenders profound appreciation and a sense of responsibility.

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Flourishing Life

Each life has authentic beauty and an irreplaceable role to play in the interconnected living Earth. When protecting dignity of life and serving unique expression of wholeness and purpose becomes a consistent focus and goal of every field of human endeavors, the possibilities of a rich and flourishing future expands limitlessly. Original human nature is restored, infusing the world with love, cooperation and altruism to mainstream conscious living and forms of organizations such as living business and living governance, supporting flourishing local to global communities. The underlying motivation from personal interaction, businesses to international development, thus, is alighted with soulful purpose to live a conscious life in the ecology of relationships, realize each other’s innate potential and contribute to creative freedom of others. From such a sincere and pure intention, wisdom is activated to relieve unnecessary sufferings and augment joy of living, which may take form in any personal act of kindness or new policy, business activities, and technology. Because of life’s profound interdependence, the work of helping others to reveal their highest potential is integral to development this potential in oneself and one’s undertaking. Honoring interconnected web of life that binds all life together, the planetary citizens and whole-system enterprises will flourish, reflecting true, value-creative power of humanity and ultimate transformative power of life. Regenerative cultures will bloom, treasuring uniqueness of people and places. 

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Regenerative Development


Promoting a more holistic development paradigm to address root cause of human imbalance with the planet encompassing all sectors from agriculture, energy to financial system. Nature-inspired design and regenerative practices will be actively sought out as part of endeavors to serve regeneration of the Earth and empowerment of marginalized entities.


What are the barriers and opportunities for regenerative development?   

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External systems mirror inner architecture. One pressing priority is to restore human spirit and heal the inner wounds from disconnection with others, nature and one’s soul (social, ecological and spiritual divides). Individual healing, social healing and ecological healing will be coalescing to bring true prosperity for all.


How can we, as individuals and organizations, serve healing and support regeneration?

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Systemic injustice, armed conflict and environmental degradation, etc. are means to raise collective consciousness. They are symptoms of system failure where the systems reflect human consciousness. Structure change of systems/institutions will ultimately fail to bring lasting benefits to humanity unless driven or accompanied by the internal transformation of the individuals.


What can we do to create conducive conditions for inner cultivation and restoration needed?

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System Redesign


There are physiologic, memetic, cultural, economic predispositions for human behaviors. Our worldview, social systems, and infrastructure collectively condition and influence our tendencies. Adequate solutions require fundamental upgrades of the underlying structures that direct human activities.


How can we incorporate all voices and reflect all perspectives to design omni-win system?