Memorandum to the Awakening Heart

Inspired by humanistic philosophy, the work of Charles Eisenstein and other great hearts of our time, the memo wrote itself to reach the seeking allies.

Dear friend,

How can we unleash our inherent capabilities?

I think, among many factors, two things become crucial: 1) we cultivate the wisdom to understand the world and essence of it. This requires an update in the technique of knowing and the way of knowing; 2) we strengthen our ability to co-shape the future by fostering capable allies. It takes sustained compassion to support others to reveal their true potential, cherishing the unique beauty and wonder of each encounter. What enables so is our continued engagement in their own human revolution - work of transforming one’s life at the very core by identifying and challenging those things that inhibit the full expression of one’s positive humanity.

We live in a world with interdependent crises – social, political, economical and ecological. Every second, 10 people perish from hunger, violence and war; every minute, 10 children die from starvation and 17 people from environmental pollution. Over the past two decades, 20% of known biodiversity is gone. Every minute, the world loses an area of forest the size of 48 football fields. The health of airs, soils and oceans has also come to ‘alarming level’.

Our individual lives, family or work, need much revitalization as well. The family is the oldest form of human community and a basic unit for world peace, yet in current societies, one third of the families are dysfunctional, suffering from discords and communication breakdown. Not mention the impact to the children – the future and hope for all humanity. With the respect to work, most people need a larger purpose than just having a job to support their families, yet very few are lucky enough connecting their soul’s purpose with an existing career. Many end up unwittingly acting as rational maximizers of self-interest in order to ‘survive’ and get ahead – disconnected with one’s fundamental purpose. Most corporate positions are merely placeholders to perform functions determined by unchallengeable authority to maintain an unsustainable system. Even one may be considered as ‘irreplaceable’, if the company does not exist to serve life’s higher impulse (first there should be enough inner space to recognize what it is when ‘busyness’ has muted inner sensitivities), one’s gifts to heal and construct the world would remain dormant. Something is always missing deep within even one achieves financial success and social recognition.

How does the wrongness come from? All of these are actually symptoms of the root problem – stories we embody –“story of separation” that our consciousness is attached to. The prevailing story of separation says, “I am a separate individual among other separate individuals in a universe that is separate from me as well. So whatever happens to strangers and the nature should not affect me.” Then the “human nature” would be to protect ourselves against competing individuals and forces of nature, which breeds shallow competition and exploitation. The objective becomes to exercise control and domination through pursuit of power, wealth and recognition (reward, title, certificate and licenses, etc.) at the expense of time for inner cultivation. Our unmet/wounded desires are manifested outwardly in arrogance, greed and anger. Such a story of separation lies in deep current of the reductionist, linear and mechanistic thinking that many institutions and social norms are built upon.

In order to break free from petty, egoistic attachments to personal prestige and be awaken to our unique missions in the world, there needs to be a new story to make sense of the world. A new story based on interconnectedness of life includes the facts that we are actually a holographic mirror of everything, that consciousness is a basic quality of the universe, that every life every specie has a profound role to play in our collective story and that the world works in pervasive energy, fields and vibration that may not have an intuitive connection with macroscopic phenomena. Such emerging story gives our lives deep meaning, presents a compelling vision of human possibilities, and reconnects the broken pieces of the reality into the true wholeness. Much of this kind of knowing exists as untapped wisdom in the depth of being and the recent development of inner science can frame it in a more ‘scientific’ way that educated mind is accustomed to.

To appreciate and retrieve such knowledge from within, we need to open up our heart and bring our life in harmony with a greater universe. Only then can we experience greater courage, wisdom, life force and compassion that is inseparable with all life. Ordinarily such thinking falls into the realm of spirituality or religion separated from and opposed to the world of commerce. Now is time for this separation to end. No one likes to wake up one day to realize their understanding of the world is flawed after many years of programming and brain rewiring in schools and corporations. We have to, in order to open a new era. Our environment is essentially a reflection of ourselves and a place of our mission. So we can expand our inner life to influence externals.

It takes courage to connect with heart-based guidance system and realize that the rational objective mind is not the only tool human beings have to understand the world. This, however, does not depend on the denial of science - the main legitimizing institution of our dominant culture to confer righteousness to anything. Wise people know we are ushering into a new era that is transforming all fields of knowledge. Integrated medicine, regenerative agriculture, integral urban design, sustainable financial system and the entire study of ecology are just a few examples of this systems-based heartfelt approach based on interconnectedness. Woven together as never before with the great wisdom traditions - Western, Eastern, and indigenous, all of which have stood the test of time but forgotten by many - it has initiated an unstoppable momentum towards what future historians may call the “Great Second Enlightenment”.

Enlightenment is a group activity. Spiral Dynamics, a new psychological approach on human consciousness, estimates currently 1% of global population and 5% of existing leaders in all fields establish a high-level spirituality and holistic thinking. Thankfully many younger generations are awakening and surpass their predecessors in wholeness and connectivity of their existence. Now millions of people are putting efforts to reform their own families, societies and workplaces. Through multiple roles they play, the shared purpose becomes to build a society in which science, business, medicine, economy and all other disciples and systems created by human beings contribute to the happiness of all and produce genuine value. In our field, risk management, it is our responsibilities to ensure knowledge serve to realize positive potential of our company and that of clients while developing higher consciousness of people affected. We will hold space together.

Even if what is described here is too ‘detached’ from your normal daily experience, do not worry. Just trust that the information is presented to you in response to your innermost desires to be truly happy. Through you may be facing various problems and challenges right now, when we are clear about how we will live our life and the purpose to which we will dedicate it, we have nothing to fear. This is because we know everything has a profound meaning; or rather, it is up to us to derive meaning out of any adversity for value creation. The loftier our goals, the rougher and more challenging will be the mountain to scale. But within such challenges we demonstrate our greatest potential and write the most incredible stories of our own. I hope our continued friendship will support each other to shine on this global arena as we expand the solidarity of allies dedicated to peace on the Earth and happiness of all.


Your best friend