Next Economy ~ Technology + Consciousness

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

What does the next economy look like? What positive role the new technology can play and most importantly, how to mitigate its potential shadow?

This is LEFLI’s first in-kind research highlighting Blockchain-enabled all-sector revolution and an urgent need for a matching explosion of wisdom to use that exponential knowledge properly.

Amid COVID-19, awareness and agency towards relocalization and reregionalizaiton are gaining momentum to build anti-fragility into the system. More than ever, discussion on centralization vs. decentralization is heated among conscious citizens, non-institutionalized individuals and critical thinkers. However, as with state vs. market in driving economic and human welfare, the end point should not be polarization but harmonization of the two in right relationship to bring forth creative force of people under influence of either and both. Importantly, Blockchain as a manufacturer of trust and technology enabler of decentralization will become digital infrastructure that penetrate all sectors wherever money, identification and registry are needed to carry on the activities, downscaling the structured organizations to empower participation from all parts in the system. Therefore we believe Glocal – Global + Local – is historical necessity as part of the journey that facilitates co-creation, mutual flourishing and ‘leaving no one behind’. Building more resilient and regenerative systems of production and consumption at local and regional level becomes important to nurture vital diversity and resilience while incentivizing increased community cohesion and the regeneration of ecosystems everywhere.

Critical discussion points are

• What are the emerging ideas and thinking in the post-industrial societies?

• What kind of future will the next economy be in service to?

• Whose consciousness will the new technology reflect?

• How does it relate to Africa?

• What does it mean to really leapfrog development?

• What are the emergent perspectives for the possibilities of each unique region, country, individual with all the information presented?

The intension of this presentation is to contribute to psychological and intellectual atmosphere that allows for hope-filled conviction and individual determination for our collective future.

Next Economy_LEFLI
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