Power of Dialogue: A Transformative Conversation with CEO of a Multinational Financial Institution

What does it mean to have a transformative dialogue? It is life-to-life engagement that awakens to and elevates high consciousness for the emergence of wisdom to tackle the challenges we face while reinvigorating shared humanity for value creation. As ripples of such dialogue multiply and spread, collectively we will usher into a new era of mutual respect and genuine care.

The 11-page long dialogue between a CEO of multinational financial institution and a traveler is inspired by real conversations taken place with several leaders in the company in hope of redirecting the current of the times. The earnest exchange brings forth the full potential of dialogue as it ends with determination to live in the best, most humane and empowering ways:

Executive: I appreciate this conversation. I came to understand that my role itself is an expedient means – it is not my objective or what defines me. It is simply a vehicle for my being to advance the company, to unleash its inherent potential, to contribute to the society and to augment happiness. So even I choose a different role/path, the spirit of serving should remain the same – serving deep meaning, serving a deep sense of purpose and serving fundamental human values.

Traveler: I truly appreciate meeting you and getting to know you. My sincere wish is that you become a transformative leader who is widely loved and respected: protected and fostered by you, people bloom and flourish. What is good about being successful in a system that is made from lower life conditions or mainly operating from 7th consciousness without tapping into higher states? Even if we get a comfortable life from your hard work, we are only contributing to maintaining the current system, or at best incremental progress which can be wiped out by any negative random events, then what have we lived for? Our life is so much more powerful. If we do not lose the life’s essence, deeper longing for full expression of positive potential and humanity, everything else will follow. Through the role itself is a means to an end, should the actor abandon it, he or she will be at a loss for a mission. When acting out own respective roles, we manifest our own inner truth, authentic self, most fully. Then it can be said that true happiness is our life afire with our authentic self. One earnestly determined individual can create a groundswell of expansion and inspire strong bonds of solidarity. Your determination will change the company.

Executive: Yes. I will never forget our dialogue and will resolve to fulfill my mission wherever I am to pave a path for the sustainable future. I want to empower one more person especially youth that “If I change, the company will change. So will my industry” starting from myself actively engaging in my own human revolution. I want to contribute to building organization that cherishes, nourishes and encourages – a truly enduring business – with my colleagues who are awaken to the same mission.

A Dialogue For the Future
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