Priority Activities

LEFLI is a co-evolving participatory platform to advance Glocal (Global + Local) ideas, solutions and partnerships in service to living Earth and flourishing life (LEFL) inspired by regenerative movement aiming for healed, restored and prosperous relationships on Earth from human development. The first step is to crowd-source earnest questions, innovative ideas and leading practices - forgotten, existing and/or emerging – pertaining to the LEFL ideals. LEFLI aims to stay attuned to emergent patterns for knowledge production, support organic development of decentralized networked knowledge hubs and self-organizing communities to pilot solutions unique to people, places and circumstances thereby contributing to system health in physical, spiritual and digital realms.

Building global knowledge commons


At the heart of LEFLI publication is the belief in human potential and interconnectedness of all life; therefore, inner transformation – elevating individual and collective consciousness - becomes the basis for personal flourishing and positive development of the world.


Our current engagement focuses on the following interconnected areas:

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Regenerative Development

  • Concepts, principles and leading practices that enhance ecosystem and community building

  • Eco-village, regenerative cities with tech-enhanced, nature-integrated solutions

  • Holistic health

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  • Complex science simplified

  • Re-deigning economic system to serve all life and financial system for higher purpose

  • Incorporating natural principles and humanism into all sectors

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Art for Restoring Human Wholeness

  • Cultivating inner richness and embodied understanding to unleash vast inner potential

  • Healing the divisions (social, ecological, spiritual)   

  • Supporting artists of peace and their soulful creation

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  • Information technology and blockchain revolution

  • Sociotechnology and psychotechnology – dialogic practices and social design that cultivate human wisdom, cooperation and creativity

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Orgnizational Transformation

  • Sustainable business strategy

  • Work/play, work/life integration

  • Nature-inspired product design, business process

  • Learning from gift economy of the Earth

International Flags

Internaitonal Development

  • Cultivating right livelihoods

  • Redefining development to decouple economic growth from negative environmental and social externalities

  • Treasuring youth and global citizenship education

Technology for better organization and coordination of collective wisdom

LEFLI promotes conscious employment of technology to meaningfully connect people and ideas in the digital realm to discover and create value amidst the realities of life.


Pipeline initiative includes deigning and implementing a digital platform to facilitate discussion, synthetic knowledge creation and system thinking. Tokens will be rewarded to participants for productive connections and engagement (e.g. improving content quality, adding new perspectives) on the platform.  

Please co-evolve LEFLI by sharing suggestions and feedback to LEFLI2100@gmail.com